What is KineMaster? Step-by-Step Guide 2024

Video editing is made easy with this free and subscription-based app. Both devices have a similar interface. Several blog posts depicting the “best mobile video editors in 2024” have mentioned Kinemaster for pc in their list of blog posts.

On digital platforms, video has the primary purpose of reinforcing the marketing and spreading aviaries in society. For this, we have to make attractive video editing for the community. Kinemaster apk is one of the modern well-explored video editors available for us. It’s an iOS and Android video editing app that’s free and subscription-based.

It was first published for android in 2013, and after four years, they published it for IOS as well. Currently, the launched version of Kinemaster is 4.15.

As well as that, this application is very easy to use. In some ways, it is more professional than others. You can easily do audio control on it and cut and trim the video. It shows some of its advanced effects and will help us to use the transition effect in our video. All and All is a professional mobile video editing application for you.

There are few differences between the interfaces of the app on Windows and iOS, unlike other apps. Taking a look at this apk interface will help you understand how it works.

What is Kinemaster App and its Usage

Kinemaster online is a Mobile Application that we can use on both devices, android and IOS. It is the video editing Application that works professionally. Moreover, you can use it to do professional video editing. 

It also has a paid subscription, which gives you more exciting and helpful features than free. Its standard edition is free for you, but it will provide you with a watermark on your video after the editing. This application’s monthly paid subscription is $4.99 and for the year is $39.99.

This application is free for non-commercial persons. They can use it unlimited for personal use. We will advise you to use first the standard edition before subscription. This is a user-friendly Application. If you use it the first time, you will easily use it and see all its features.

kinemaster online

The Homepage of Kinemaster

It is the first time you open this free App that you will see your previous projects, a quick start button, a help button, a button to access Kinemaster’s YouTube channel, and a settings tab. You can use the quick start button to begin a new project, the quick start button, the help button, and the settings button.

Project Start-up

Besides creating a new project, you can also do so on the landing screen. You can create either a horizontal, vertical or square video when you create a new one. You can’t change your mind later, so make your choice carefully. You will also have to zoom and adjust to fit the size ratio if the clips you want to use are not in that format.

kinemaster free

Your Comprehensive Video Editing Solution

Kinemaster for iOS requires your media files to be ready before using it on iOS. Dropbox and Google Photos are not integrated. Before beginning a project, make sure you organize your clips and photos first. Google Drive can be accessed on Android devices.

You can easily add files. Photos, videos, and audio can be added as clips or layers in the app. The layer will be created from scratch if it is added as a clip, and the clip will be added to the top layer if it is added as a clip.

A clip can be clipped, cut, repositioned, reversed, and the speed can be changed easily. There are several different ways to clip. The regular split at the playhead option allows you to trim to the left or right of the playhead. After trimming, all empty spaces are filled with clips that stick together instantly.

Kinemaster app

Features and Functionality of Kinemaster

The groups have many free and subscription-based features that make your video more professional.

Colour and lighting adjustments:

If you want to adjust your video looks, this application gives you the feature of adjusting your video looks. For example, you can quickly set your video’s brightness contrast and many more, although you can change your video’s color from the given feature. This application has many filters which help you set your video’s coloring. It depends upon the user which the filter user is going to use for their video.

Blending and chroma key:

If you want to work on your additional layer and give it another background layer, this feature is the solution to your problem. Blending is similar to layering, overlaying, multiplying, and lighting settings in Photoshop. They all work well.

Chroma can remove the greenscreen. As a presenter in front of a graphics background, you have many options to refine the effect of your project.

Text Writing:

This application gives you a text-writing feature for adding text to your videos. Moreover, you can easily add a text layer to your video and move the text anywhere you want to place it. Text writing graphics are less flexible.

Transitions in your video:

In this application, the transition is effortless to apply from one clip to the next . Their are many transition effects, but they are limited for the non-commercial user. For example, changes are also very limited to video clips on the primary layer. With the help of transition, clips can be animated in and out.

Cutting and Trimming tools:

This application gives you the future to cutting and trimming your video for making your video easy. If you do not want the starting or the last part of your video, you can easily remove this cutting video tool, and if you and to short your video, then this trimming features help you with that.

Audio Control:

Audio is the main thing in the video, so Kinemaster online also gives you the audio control feature. With the help of the audio control feature, you can put any of the audions in your project. Furthermore, the feature has a boosted base and reverb effect of making the video sound clear you can also use the voice changer effect, which will change your voice to a child’s voice and so on.

Crop Editing:

In this Application, you can crop your video like you crop your photos and adjust them as you want to modify in this feature. You can also flip your video, change their looking directions left or right, and change your video in slide mode. Download Kinemaster apk for its given free and exciting features. If you want to be a permanent user, purchase the subscription to Kinemaster lite. You can also read article about how to use kinemaster.

kinemaster lite

Our Experience with Kinemaster Application

So we will share our experience related to the this application with you. We started to use this application in 2017 when it was published for the IOS. When we installed it, we were a little confused about what kind of this application was and how we could start it, but when we checked it, it was very simple and professional. 

So we started our first video project being a non-commercial user. We found many of the effects gave our video a professional look. After that, we joined another video with our project and applied transitions short clip, which was free for local users. Then our video looks more professional than the starting look. 

We used to set our video sound with the audio control feature of the Kinemaster and change it in a robotic voice just testing it sounds good. It is just our first time using that application, and we want to share our experience. After some time, when it comes to being YouTubers, we become their subscriptions user. 

First, we used to purchase it for the only month after that we found many of the new features which were not giving while we were using that as local basis .after that we became their yearly based subscriber and paid them $39.99 for the whole year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)?

Q: How can I remove the watermark?

The subscription of this application allows you to quickly remove that watermark.

Q: Does Kinemaster support multiple devices?

There is an Android and iOS version of this application available.

Q: How can I save my project?

From the given option of saving video, you can easily save it where you want to save it.

Q: Can I install kinemaster on my PC?

Yes! The software can also be easily installed on your computer.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Kinemaster pro is an excellent mobile video editor. Especially if you’re creating videos from your handheld device, it’s not expensive if you’re constantly creating videos. App Stores and Google Play stores both offer this app. The website for this online video editing tool has a user guide that will walk you through every aspect of how to use it. The current version of kinemaster apk is

We hope you like to know and understand about Kinemaster Video editor. If you want to ask about this application so, feel accessible to ask. We will feel happy to respond to you to learn about some more attractive applications to be connected with us.

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