Kinemaster Without Watermark 4 MOD APK Latest Version 2022

In the era when editing and modifying videos have reached a peak, almost everyone is trying to search for a reliable video editor. Everyone wants to modify their video more attractively. As the modern age is the age of social media, Video editors are the most significant need of Instagrammers, Youtubers, TikTokers, etc.

Considering people’s needs and desires, Kinemaster Corporation has launched Kinemaster without Watermark that is Kinemaster Mod apk. The shocking features of the app are specifically designed to give a unique look to your videos and clips. So, without wasting time, let’s move ahead to know about the majestic application.

KineMaster mod is a completely unlocked professional video editing program for Android and iOS phones that has no watermark. As among the most popular video editing programs, KineMaster offers a wide range of features. With the software, you can edit your video with multiple layers of video, graphics, and text, and cut and clip your video. Multi-track audio, loudness envelope control, 3D transitions, Chroma key, and many more features are available.

About Kinemaster No Wtermark Mod apk

The application is a modified or modded version of Kinemaster without watermark with unlocked premium features and no watermarks. The app is intended to let you quickly and easily edit your videos. You can expertly edit your shoots with the KineMaster Mod apk, the amazing smartphone editing app for videos for Android.

The best part of using this mod version is that you will enjoy and feel calm after using it. So, create a pro video and let your editing talent grow and become famous among your family, relatives, and other people by using wonderful features.

Kinemaster Without Watermark


App nameKinemaster Mod apk
DevelopersKineMaster Corporation
Android requirementSix or more
Reviews rating4.4
Last updated19 December 2021

Features of Kinemaster Without Watermark

Now we will discuss the features that make “Kinemaster without watermark” unique, among others. So, here are the characteristic features that you will admire.


The Mod version is watermark-free. The elimination of Watermark is done because it bothers every user undoubtedly. Now the video editors can use the Kinemaster without taking tension about this annoying thing.

Multiple layers

To make your films and videos seem more distinctive, you may apply various layers to them. The animation effects for layers such as “Key Frame Animation” can also be added to edit your video.

Multiple effects

The Kinemaster mod apk app offers nearly endless numbers of effects. You can put your imagination and creation to life by using any effect that suits your taste. By adding the effect among these, your video will appear more sophisticated. Almost all video editors love to add effects while editing.

Various filters

Putting filters to your videos gives them a new look with a new color. Almost every user most commonly uses the filter feature. It will not be misleading to state that editing will not be completed without using the filter.

Control the speed

You have the opportunity to alter the speed. You may use the “Speed” feature to boost the speed of your videos. Speed navigation enables you to reduce the speed. Whether you want to alter (high or low) the speed is entirely up to you. “Slowmotion videos” are most likely preferred by the users who upload and share their pictures and videos with their friends on social media. By decreasing and adjusting the speed, anyone can easily convert their video into a “slow Mo.”

Chroma key

Every one wishes to change the background of his video. The application developers have proposed the “Chroma key to fulfill users’ desires.” Using this key, you can modify your videos with a complete Green effect. Your video will look more professional by doing so.

Unlocked premium features

Are you concerned about the paid subscription to use outstanding features? No, relax because the modded version of kinemaster is available with almost its entire premium features unlocked. So enjoy using these features without any concern.


If you want to extract the voice, audio, or music from your video clip, then you no longer need to find other applications for this purpose. The reason is that Kinemaster mod apk latest has come with this shocking quality. Besides the audio extraction, you are allowed to set up the volume of that audio or music in the video. The program allows you to insert or change the background music in any video.

Voice recording

The pro and mod version allows you to record your voice and insert it at any point in the video. The voice recording feature is one of the most admirable features that make your videos more creative and appealing.

Merge different videos

The feature of merging different videos and clips is most handy for Social media users, specifically bloggers and YouTubers. The pro version will assist you if you have two or more short movies and assemble them to create a single video.

Reverse effect

People nowadays do unbelievable work by reversing a video. However, most of us are concerned about the software compatible for this task. There are alternatives available; however, this software is the best and most efficient. It offers your edited footage a natural and classy look.

Crop feature

It is not uncommon for a portion of the video to be recorded that we do not like or require. As a result, we would like to remove that segment from the video. This software allows you to trim or cut a specific section or parts without creating an unappealing appearance.

Immediate display

When you use a certain feature to edit your video, you do not need to worry about “how your edited video will look”? Because you can view your edited video before saving it. Suppose you want further changes in that video; you can easily do modifications.

Save and share

When you are satisfied and finished modifying the video, use the save and export buttons. You will be stunned to know that the pro/mod version provides you the option to select the size of your video before saving it. Furthermore, after making and modifying your video, you may upload it instantly using the recommended app.

Other Salient Features

  • You may enhance or reduce the volume of any sound while editing the clip of your selection.
  • You can alter the saturation as well as the hue of your footage.
  • You will have entire control over the brightness.
  • A variety of Emoji’s and Stickers are given.
  • You can shoot clips by using a camera that is already built-in.
  • Because the program is so straightforward to use, even newbies can edit video like a pro.
  • There are no advertisements in this application.
  • Bugs fixed.
Kinemaster Without Watermark

Aspect Ratio Size

16:9: YouTube and Facebook use this aspect ratio for landscape videos.

9:1: This is one of the most popular ratios for platforms like Tiktok, Whatsapp Stories, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Stories.

1:1: A square-shaped video is edited with this ratio.

kinemaster without watermark

Download Kinemaster Pro Apk for Androids

To set this version on a mobile is not so hectic. If you want to download this software, start following the steps written below. These steps will help you install and enjoy the app on your Android.

  • First, you need to download the Kinemaster without watermark apk from our website.
  • Do not forget to “enable the unknown resources” from your settings.
  • When you are done downloading, go to your file manager to open this file.
  • Now click on the Install option.
  • Wait for the installation to be done.
  • Open the application and start using this new friend of yours.

The following features have been updated

  • All Premium features are available to you
  • There is no longer any watermark
  • Supported versions include all versions
  • There is always a preview available
  • A wealth of multilayered videos, images, stickers, handwriting clips, and more.
  • Each frame is trimmed, spliced, and sliced.
  • Sets the hue, brightness, and saturation of an image
  • Color filtering
  • Video speed and slowdown can both be adjusted
  • There is an overall insertion option and an individual insertion option to fade in/out the sound.
  • There are transition effects that entail fading in and out of 2D or 3D images.
  • Choose from a variety of topics, animations, and audiovisual effects
  • Volume envelopes allow you to control volume precisely from moment to moment
  • The chroma key feature supports all video formats
  • Automate video optimization for videos that aren’t supported
  • Add editing to videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vk, YouTube, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs?)

1- Can we download Kinemaster’s versions without Watermark on our PC?

Yes, surely you can download Kinemaster without Watermark on your PC. For this purpose, follow the given steps.

• For PC, you have to download “bluestack software” or any other emulator.
• Then download its apk file as mentioned above.
• After allowing unknown resources, open the apk file and install the app from there.

There are no viruses or other hazards in this smartphone video editing application that might harm your device. Furthermore, it is completely lawful and never engages in any violent crime. The application is entirely secure and safe for your device.

3- For whom is this app created?

If you are a YouTuber, blogger, or Instagrammer, this app is made just for you. A photographer, with a diverse and stunning collection of photographs needs the organizer. It is an opportunity for you to collect your photos and put them together in a film with a distinctive theme and background music. If you are a novice user, it does not exclude you from using our program. Kinemaster Without Watermark specialty is that anybody from anywhere at any time may use it.

Wrapping up

The premium version of Kinemaster is not available for free. To enjoy its services, users must purchase a subscription. As a result, most consumers have found this to be rather costly. KineMaster without watermark comes in useful at this point. The reason is that the modded version unlocks all of the premium features for free and without Watermark.
The pro mod contains gold, diamond, black version, etc. You may choose to download Kinemaster mod apk black, which has the same functionality as the other versions. Once you download it, you will start appreciating its captivating feature. Just go, use it and convert your clips into a different and elegant look.

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