How to Edit Videos in KineMaster 2024

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Kinemaster is a mobile video editing program and it is used by creators of all levels. Earlier premium features were available in the paid version but the good news is that the free version now offers a surprising range of features that can help you to create interesting videos. Explore “How to Edit Videos in Kinemaster” and discover free tools.

The Editing Workspace

kinemaster provides a user friendly interface. The preview window is present at the top and the editing timeline is located at the bottom. The timeline shows your videos, images and audio tracks in layers.

Now Examine The Editing Features of How To Edit Videos In Kinemaster

Trimming & Cutting:

To accurately edit your videos using the trim handles at the beginning and end. You can also separate clips within the timeline.

Arranging & Reordering:

To rearrange and structure your video drag and drop clips onto the timeline. Layers allow you to create dynamic compositions with video covers and text.

Adding Audio: 

In the free version of kinemaster you can add background music and sound effects. Use the audio button to import the audio files from your device.

Voiceover Recording:

Tap the microphone icon to add voiceover to your videos then record your voiceover right there in the app.

Basic Transitions:

Make your video flow better by using transitions between your clips. Kinemaster Free offers basic transitions like fades and wipes.

Volume Controls:

Volume control for every audio track is available on the timeline. You can adjust the volume of background music and voiceover separately.

Speed Control:

Try slow-motion and fast-motion effects in your video. Tap on a clip, select speed and adjust the slider to control playback speed.

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Examine Advanced Techniques in KineMaster APK

There are workarounds that you can explore in the free version. Learn “How to Edit Videos in Kinemaster” and unlock the free app’s potential for creating polished and engaging videos.

Green Screen Effects:

The Kinemaster free does not have a dedicated green screen tool. but you can create similar effects by using solid background colors and trying chroma key settings in several computer video editing programs.

Customizable Overlays:

You can create text overlays in the free version and apply them to your video clips to create a simple layering effect.

Free Audio Editing Apps:

Use a free audio editing app to create customized sound effects before importing them into Kinemaster.

Tips & Tricks for Effective Editing in KineMaster Apk


Before starting your video editing plan the structure of your video. Making a storyboard helps you to visualize the sequence of your video.

Short & Sweet:

Try to keep your edits short, especially for social media.

Music & Sound Effects:

Make your video seem better with a good soundtrack. Create your sound effects or music libraries without any royalty.

Text Overlays: 

:  If you want to improve storytelling and clarity add titles, captions, or text effects.

Export Options:

When you are satisfied with the edit export the video. But the free version limits the maximum resolution and includes a short advertisement at the end.

How to Edit Videos in Kinemaster

How to Use kineMaster Free

Download the App:

Download the Kinemaster app from our site.

Start a New Project:

After installation the app open the application and select “+” to start a new project. Select the aspect ratio you want to use (16:9 for widescreen, 1:1 for Instagram, etc.).

Import Your Media:

To view the photo and video libraries on your phone tap the “Media” button. To import the clips you want to edit, select and press the checkbox.

Free Version Limitations in KineMaster APK

Despite the free version providing an excellent foundation but there are several limitations to keep in mind.

Limited Asset Store Access:

Only a small minor portion of the asset store including music or effects are free to use.

No Premium Audio Tools:

The free version lacks features like audio ducking and voice changer.

Final Thoughts

The free version of kinemaster helps you to create visually appealing videos using basic editing tools. Learn “How to Edit Videos in Kinemaster” and unlock the free app’s potential for creating polished and engaging videos.

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